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In 2005, Alchemy was proud to produce “Haymarket.” Here is one of many links that gives the history of this important event (which the play is centered around):

As a footnote from John Green, author of “Death in the Haymarket” when asked in an interview what the difference is between May Day and Labor Day: “In almost every country around the world, May Day is the principal workers’ holiday. It is a day of strikes, rallies and demonstrations, often linked to demands for shorter hours. Within the international labor movement, the May Day protest tradition got its start in the United States. Today, however, the United States is the great exception to the May Day tradition. Our end-of-summer Labor Day holiday was developed as an official government alternative to the labor movement’s May Day rallies. One central difference: May Day has always been linked to the demand for less work and more pay; Labor Day celebrates the “dignity” of work.”

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